Dual Enrollment Programs

Eligible Dual Enrollment Programs

Students may enroll in a Radford University program can potentially take classes at another institution and still and be eligible to apply for financial aid. Students are only eligible to receive federal financial aid programs at one institution.  Students must be admitted fully admitted to a Radford University degree program to be considered eligible for financial aid. Students will only be eligible for financial aid for the courses that are required for their program of study.

Things to Remember about Dual Enrollment

  1. Students must pay tuition and fees required at the other college for their classes.  No arrangements will be made for Radford University to pay these charges with financial aid funds
  2. You must be enrolled for all classes that you intend to take for any semester by the end of the first week of Radford University classes by each semester.  Enrollment will be confirmed at this time with your dual enrollment institution(s).  Funds will be paid to students that have finalized their financial aid applications and registered for the appropriate classes beginning the second week of RU classes.  If students have altered the number of hours or classes that they are taking at RU or another college, the financial aid disbursement will be delayed.
  3. Students that withdraw from their classes at the other college, must complete the Course Withdrawal Form and submit the form to the Radford University Financial Aid Office.  Withdrawing from classes may affect the student’s future eligibility for financial aid.
  4. Upon completion of the semester at the other college, the student must request that the Registrar’s Office at the dual enrollment college send an academic transcript to the RU Registrar’s Office.

Application Process

Students should follow the same application procedures as those students attending classes on the Radford University campus. The same FAFSA priority filing date of February 1st will apply to all dual enrollment students.   

Students who intend to dually enroll in another college's classes are required to submit additional paperwork if they want to include these hours with Radford University hours for financial aid purposes. Students who have not been admitted into a degree-seeking program are not eligible to receive financial aid for dual enrollment at another college.

Required Dual Enrollment Forms:

Consortium Agreement Request form: the consortium agreement request form notifies the Financial Aid Office of the hours that you plan to take at both institutions for the upcoming term.  This form cannot be processed unless it is signed by your academic advisor. 

The consortium agreement request should be submitted no later than the following priority deadlines for consideration:

    August 1: Fall semester consortium agreement requests  

    December 15: Spring semester consortium agreement requests

    April 15: Summer consortium agreement requests.

Consortium Agreement Request

The course withdrawal form should be submitted if you enroll for classes at another college, but have to withdraw or drop any of those classes.

Course Withdrawal Form