Frequently Asked Questions

My family's financial situation has changed since I filed the FAFSA, can I re-file?

Radford University does not recommend that you re-file your FAFSA.  If your financial situation has changed since you initially filed the FAFSA we recommend that you complete a special circumstance request.  Carefully review the special circumstance situations that are considered and submit all the required paperwork.  Our office will review the documentation and determine how your eligibility has changed based on your situation.

My parents are not helping me pay for college, can I be considered independent?

Radford University uses the guidelines developed by the Department of Education to determine a student's dependency status.  When you are completing the FAFSA you answer a series of questions that determine your dependency status.  If you would like to learn more about the questions presented on the FAFSA, please review Determining Dependent or Independent Status

Why does my family need to submit tax return/transcripts to Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid Office will send you a request to submit tax return transcripts when your FAFSA has been selected for verification.  Verification is a program that is required by the Department of Education and if you are selected for verification you must complete the process before you will be considered eligible for aid.  

Why wasn't I awarded any grant money?

There are several factors that impact a student's eligibility to be awarded grant funds.  The first factor is to have your completed FAFSA submitted and verification completed, if required, by the priority deadline.  Your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)/Student Aid Index (SAI) also impacts whether or not you are eligible for grant funds.

I need additional financial assistance, what are other options?

Yes.  There are additional financial assistance opportunities beyond those that were awarded to you by the Financial Aid Office.  If your parents are assisting in the payment of your education they can apply for a Parent PLUS Loan.  If you will be funding your education you may apply for a Private Education Loan.  If you will be working throughout the semester to help earn funds to pay towards your education you may want to consider setting up a payment plan to pay any remaining charges.

What is entrance counseling and why do I need to complete it?

Entrance counseling is required for all student direct loans as well as Nursing loans, and State Student Loans.  This requirement is an educational introduction to the loan program designed to educate the student and the parent on the commitment being taken on by borrowing this loan.  It outlines the basics of when you will be eligible to receive funds, whether or not the funds will remain deferred while the student is in school, and what to expect when you begin repayment.  The Entrance Counseling requirement has been established by the Department of Education and is required by all first time borrowers when they enroll at Radford University. 

How can I use my financial aid to buy textbooks?

If you have a credit balance on your student account.  You can apply for a bookstore voucher to use excess financial aid funds to purchase your books.  The voucher may be used at the university bookstore located in Dalton Hall or online at the University Bookstore Online.  You can apply for a bookstore voucher starting four Monday's prior to the start of fall/spring semesters and two Monday's prior to the start of summer semesters.  You can find the bookstore voucher by logging onto your OneCampus portal and searching bookstore voucher request. 

How can I find a work study job on campus?

If you have been awarded work study as a party of your award package you may begin looking for a position after July 1st.  Offices with open positions will advertise the openings through the Handshake app in your OneCampus.  However, not all departments may advertise, so you may inquire with departments on campus to see if they hire work study students and if there is an open position available.  The Financial Aid Office is not responsible for placing students in work study positions.

When will I get my financial aid refund?

The Financial Aid Office will begin disbursing funds for the first day of class, however we are not allowed to handle funds after they are disbursed.  The Bursar's Office will process the funds once they have credited your account and determine your eligibility for a refund.  Generally this will happen within the first two weeks of class.  The refund process is highly regulated and all refunds are processed according to the same requirements, no exceptions are permitted.

What will happen if I withdraw from class(es)?

Withdrawing from a class or from all classes can impact your eligibility for future financial aid.  We recommend that you review all of the available withdraw information on our website and discuss your options with your financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing from classes.