Financial Aid Checklist

We have prepared a brief checklist to help you navigate the various steps required to receive financial aid.  Use this as a resource guide throughout the various stages of the financial aid process.

Getting Started

  • Complete your Federal Taxes Your spouse (if applicable) and/or parents’ taxes may also be required.  You will need tax information for 2022 for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.
  • New Freshman – Create FSAID username and password.  The FSA ID serves as your digital signature for the FAFSA and login information for Federal Student Aid websites.  If you are a dependent student your parents will need to create a FSA ID as well.
  • Complete your FAFSA.
  • If requested complete verification process.
  • Search for Scholarships  You can look at Foundation Scholarships through Academic Works.

Aid Offer Notice

  • Review your financial aid offer in OneCampus.
  • Accept your financial aid awards (remember to read all disclosures and to answer the questions on the resources/additional information 3rd tab to proceed).
  • Review budget within your financial aid awards and the shopping sheet.

Accepting Student Loans

  • Students: When you accept loans for your awards, first time borrowers will need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note at
  • Parents:  Request the Parent PLUS loan (if applicable) and complete the Master Promissory note
  • Graduate Students: Request the Graduate PLUS loan (if applicable) and complete the Master Promissory note

Additional Required Information

  • Report/submit any and all private scholarships and other financial resources such as military benefits or outside state grants/scholarships on the Resources section on your OneCampus portal.  (This is information other than your Radford award information.)
  • Review the award details and renewal criteria in your Financial Aid Award packet/email.

Important Things to Remember

  • Check your OneCampus portal to see if you have any outstanding requirements.
  • Complete Check in on your OneCampus portal (prior to start of each semester)
  • Review your enrollment level to make sure your aid will disburse
  • Set up Direct Deposit with Bursar’s office for your refund checks
  • Set up authorized payer and payment plans with Bursar’s office (if applicable)
  • Review your e-bill to make sure that your Financial Aid is pending and ready to pay.