Study Abroad Financial Aid

Considering Financial Aid and Study Abroad?

In many cases, students are interested in obtaining financial assistance to help them with the cost of a study abroad program. 

Students should contact the Center for Global Education & Engagement regarding study abroad experiences.  Students must be enrolled at Radford University in an international course before financial aid can be awarded for a study abroad program.  Program costs are determined by the international programs office and forwarded by Global Education to the financial aid office before applications can be reviewed.

Please contact the study abroad coordinator in the financial aid office at 540-831-5408 for questions regarding financial aid applications for study abroad.

You will also need to apply for admission to the program via the McGlothlin Center for Global Education & Engagement website.

FYI for Study Abroad financial aid

Due to the timing of these programs and the deposit requirements, financial assistance through federal aid programs may not be available.  For most study abroad programs students must apply for a Parent or Graduate PLUS loan or aPrivate Education loan to help fund the experience.  Student applications will be reviewed for federal financial aid programs, but students may be required to pay deposit fees and/or airline tickets out of pocket.

Study Abroad Options to be Eligible for Financial Aid

There are three opportunities for students who are interested in studying abroad.  Only two of these options may be funded through Radford University, unless an exception is made. 

Option 1: Radford University offers study abroad opportunities through the university.

Students are enrolled for credit hours at RU and are considered Radford University students.  To obtain financial assistance for these study abroad programs, students should take the following steps:

  1. Apply for admission to the program via the McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement website.
  2. Register for the study abroad coursework.
  3. If using, apply for private education loan, parental plus loan, or graduate plus loan

Please Note: published financial aid priority processing dates and deadlines apply.

Option 2: A student may obtain permission from Radford University to participate in a study abroad program that is offered through an accredited international school. 

Formal application materials must be completed through the Center for Global Education & Engagement, the Radford University Registrar's Office, and the Radford University Financial Aid Office.  To obtain financial assistance for this type of study abroad program, students must complete university requirements as outlined in the Radford University undergraduate catalog.  

Option 3: Exploring a study abroad opportunity that is offered through another university.

Typically, financial assistance for these programs must be obtained through the university that the student plans to attend.  If there are unusual circumstances that require a student to participate in these study abroad experiences, the student may write a letter of appeal to the Director of Financial Aid requesting a consortium agreement be set up with the host school.  However, neither Radford University nor the host school is required to make this type of agreement.  If the student's request is approved, additional forms are required before financial assistance can be received.