Drop & Withdraw of Classes-Impact on Financial Aid

There are occasions that students find it necessary to withdraw from all classes that they are enrolled in at Radford.  If you find yourself in this position and currently have financial aid please come to our office to discuss the affect your university withdrawal will have on your Financial Aid eligibility.  We understand that there are times when a student must withdraw, but we would like the opportunity to discuss what your withdraw means for you.  Changes in your enrollment status can affect your financial aid eligibility in the current semester and throughout your academic career.  It is very important that we look at your account to determine what long term affects enrollment changes could have on your financial aid eligibility.

If you withdraw from the university and are receiving any form of federal financial aid (Direct Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Graduate PLUS Loans, Pell Grant, SEOG) the financial aid office must comply with federal regulations and complete a Return of Title IV Calculation.  Additionally, if you receive state grant funds (Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program or Commonwealth Grant) we must complete a return calculation to determine if a portion of your grant is considered unearned.  The results of these calculations may mean that you could owe Radford University for any unearned financial aid that was used to help pay your charges.  The financial aid office will work with the student accounts office to complete the calculations and you will be contacted regarding any outstanding charges you have as a result of this process.

All students considering withdrawing from the University should review the Return of Title IV Aid Policy as well as the Return of State Aid Policy to see what and how aid programs will be recalculated when you withdraw from the university.

Does withdrawing reduce what I owe?

The financial aid policy for drops and withdrawal's or the policies for the return of aid do not affect the student's charges.  The University Refund Withdrawal Policy can be found on the Bursar's Office website. This policy will be used to determine if there will be a reduction in charges for the students tuition, fees, room, or board charges. The student is responsible for paying for any outstanding charges to the University.

Additional Resources:

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