Understanding Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Standard budgets have been established by the Financial Aid Office to help determine your eligibility for aid.  The financial aid budget does not reflect what you will be billed by the university.   The budget does take into account expenses you may expect to incur while enrolled at Radford University; your tuition, on campus meal plans, room and board, etc. factors such as certain program fees, transportation, marital and dependency status are also taken into consideration.

Tuition & fees will be billed by the University each semester.  If you live in campus housing, whether a dorm or campus apartment, those charges will also be billed each semester.

The room and board portion of your budget is an allocation for expenses you will experience either on or off campus for rent and meal related expenses.  This allocation remains a part of your financial aid cost of attendance regardless of your living arrangements.

The Financial Aid Office will provide you with an award package to assist in meeting your needs based on the results of your FAFSA.  Please keep in mind that the Financial Aid Office may not be able to meet your full cost of attendance with an aid package, but there are additional financing options that can be explored to help you pay for these expenses.

The budgets are not intended to meet everybody's full financial responsibilities; rather, they are average or typical costs for students during an academic year. Of course, actual expenses will vary among students, depending on lifestyles, priorities, and obligations. You should notify the Financial Aid Office of any additional costs related to your transportation, medical and child care costs. With supporting documentation, such factors may merit an adjustment in the amount of financial aid to which you are entitled. 

You can learn more about your estimated cost using our Net Price Calculator

If you would like to see the full tuition and fee information please visit the Bursar's Office website, the university’s official location of the tuition and fee schedule.

Examples of Costs that are included in your Financial Aid Budget

Costs Included in Your
Financial Aid Budget
Billed Directly by University?
Tuition & FeesYes
On Campus HousingYes
On Campus Meal PlanYes
Off Campus HousingNo
Off Campus University Meal PlanYes
Transportation AllowanceNo
Book AllowanceNo, Book Vouchers are exceptions
Personal ExpensesNo
Independent Student AllowanceNo
Additional Program Costs
i.e. Nursing

Undergraduate - On Campus Student Estimate

*Based on full time enrollment of 12-16 credit hours a semester for the full 2024-2025 Academic Year.

**Matriculation Fee is for Undergraduate Students only and is a one time, first semester fee.

Educational ExpenseBilled by
Radford University
Tuition & Fees*Yes$12,548$25,633
Living Expense - Housing (on campus) Yes$6,879$6,879
Living Expense - FoodYes$5,854$5,854
Matriculation Fee**Yes$325$325
Estimated Direct Cost $25,606$38,691
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and EquipmentNo$1,260$1,260
Transportation (on campus)No$1,386$1,386
Personal ExpensesNo$2,450$2,450
Estimated Indirect Cost $5,096$5,096
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance  $30,702$43,787

Graduate - Off Campus Student Estimate

*Based on 9 credit hours a semester for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Educational ExpenseEstimated Amount In-State
Estimated Amount Out-State
Tuition & Fees*$10,332$17,640
Estimated Direct Cost$10,332$17,640
Living Expense - Housing$6,879$6,879
Living Expense - Food$5,854$5,854
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$1,260$1,260
Personal Expenses$2,450$2,450
Independent Allowance$1,838$1,838
Estimated Indirect Cost$20,231$20,231
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $30,563$37,871