Award Notifications

When will I receive my award offer?

When your FAFSA is received and processing has been completed by the financial aid office you will receive an e-mail notification that your awards are available to review and process on OneCampus.

For admitted new freshman and transfer students we will begin processing applications and sending award notifications by January 1.  These notifications will be sent to the e-mail address that was provided on the admissions application.

For returning students we will begin the awarding process after the conclusion of the spring semester.  Returning students must meet the standards in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy before they will be reviewed for aid eligiblity for the upcoming academic year.  All award notifications for returning students are sent to your email address.

Can my award offer change?

Yes.  Your awards that are listed on OneCampus shows your current offer of aid.  Radford University reserves the right to adjust or cancel financial aid awards based on changes in eligibility, funding deficits, enrollment changes, receipt of outside scholarships etc.  If your award offer changes you will receive a revised award notice.

How do I confirm my current award offer?

You will need to accept, adjust, or decline your award by signing in to OneCampus.  Instructions are provided on the general information tab of your financial aid awards.  These will step you through all required screens to accept your award(s).  If you have received scholarships, stipends, or other aid/awards that are not listed on the award tab (in OneCampus), please provide us with this information.  If you receive an award after you have accepted your awards, please list them on a separate sheet of paper and submit to our office or email the information to us. Your award letter requires you to inform us of money or aid you receive but is not listed on your award notification. If you receive money from other sources at any time during the year, your awards may be adjusted at that time.